Buzzword bingo

The tech industry is full of jargon and technobabble and as a developer I wade through these on a daily basis. Some of them really get my goat however, so I've gone ahead and vented what I believe the true meanings are.

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Responsive images

I've seen many solutions to the problems of responsive images. Most of them fall down in some way, many of them leave me with blurry images on a UHD 4K display. If you haven't heard of the srcset attribute then now is the time to use it.

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Site launch checklist

Launching a new website may seem as straightforward as pressing a deploy button or copying some files to a server, and in many cases the act of launching itself is just that. But, many steps will have taken place before the glossy deploy button is pressed.

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How to make a website

As I launch a new website for my business, the 9th version to appear on but first directly related to my new status as a business, it seems fitting that my first blog post should be all about how a website is made.

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