Yes, I can fix your computer

I know a lot of developers and IT professionals that hate being asked to fix their friends and relatives computers. They dislike the assumption that just because they can administer a server, configure a network, or write some code that they can also fix a personal computer.

The reality of course is that many of us can. I don't fix computers as part of my job, but I probably can fix yours. It comes with the territory of being technically minded in the computer industry – transferrable skills aren't just from our day jobs but come from our logical thinking, problem solving abilities, and hobbies.

Many of us also spill our skills into other, broader areas. I like photography and making little videos – two things which increased my experience in Photoshop outside of my job, and Premiere Pro despite never having used it professionally. This tinkering leads to upskilling, and even gaining an interest in general DIY.

Below are some videos I created of various DIY tasks I've performed which are usually carried out by paid skilled professionals.