Domain name SEO

There's quite a lot of things you can do to enhance your search engine optimisation and one of those things is by using the correct wording.

Google loves domain names and using keywords in them carries a huge amount of weight. There's sound logic behind this; probably sell tents, probably sell cars, and well let's not go there.

I'm Phillip Parr as you'll know if you've read the about page on this site but searching for Phillip Parr doesn't bring up anything of mine as the first result. There are lots of results on the first page of Google that do belong to me, but WizPip Limited is currently on page two or three. Naturally I wanted to fix this so I bought and made a little microsite. I'd expect over the next few months that a search for my name will bring up on the first page of Google, hopefully at the top.

The extra weight generated from having a relevant domain name at the top of Google for a search of Phillip Parr which goes on to link to should help to bring this site closer to the top too – I do love a little experiment.

We shall have to wait and see!